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Cloud Spanner Ecosystem

An open source community for Cloud Spanner

The cloudspannerecosystem GitHub organization hosts a collection of public repositories that are owned-by and developed-for the Cloud Spanner user community.

All the hosted projects are based on open source community contributions. We’d love for you to report issues, file feature requests, and send pull requests. See below for details on contributions. Note that none of the projects are officially supported by Google as part of the Cloud Spanner product.

Please let us know if you’re interested in getting your project hosted! This will help other Cloud Spanner developers find your project and contribute to it.




This application allows you to quickly get a sample database into Cloud Spanner. It does so by loading data from a CSV file into a new Cloud Spanner database.

App Engine sample

This sample demonstrates how to use Cloud Spanner from the App Engine Standard with Java 11 environment.


HarbourBridge is a stand-alone tool for Cloud Spanner evaluation, using data from an existing PostgreSQL database. The tool ingests pg_dump output, automatically builds a Spanner schema, and creates a new Spanner database populated with data from pg_dump.

This tool is under active development and will support other source databases in the future. If you would like to get involved, please check out the following links:


spanner-cli is an interactive command line tool, inspired by the mysql utility. It allows you to control your Cloud Spanner databases with idiomatic database commands, such as SHOW TABLES or SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE.


wrench is a schema management tool for Cloud Spanner. It manages DDLs for schema migration and provides several schema related features like creating / deleting databases and loading schemas from files.


yo is a command-line tool to generate database-specific code to access Cloud Spanner through Go objects instead of SQL queries. It does so by fetching schema metadata for a database by querying the information schema and applies Go templates to generate code / models.


We’d love to accept your patches and contributions! For details, please check the and docs/ files in the repository of the project that you’re interested in.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in starting a new project or moving an existing repository to this organization! All projects hosted here need to have good test coverage. We’re happy to help you with setting up unit and integration tests, but we rely on your contributions for continued maintenance.